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Commercial Agency Service

Pharmore Global provides a Sector Specialist Sales function acting as a Commercial Sales Agent for YOUR business.

We operate under contract to your company, deployed to carry out high level sales and New Customer acquisition within the Pharma and Life Science sector.

Essentially, we appear to be an extension of your existing team operating in your name, with your brand and key values at heart.

We work tirelessly to leverage every part of our experience to generate manageable and planned sales growth within this complex sector for YOU.

Under our Commercial Agency Service, we make life very simple for our clients.

Benefits Include:

1 Invoice point

1 Point of contact

Rapid deployment & market penetration

Bespoke & Tailored Service

No complicated employment contracts

Removes the need for multiple individuals to achieve what we can do from under one roof

No Sector training required – We know this market better than anyone

Targeted, Managed, Sales Growth delivered

Existing sales & customer protection (We help manage and protect your current customers)

Outsourced sales team development