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Historic experiences that have shaped what we do today have been so valuable and important.

Delivering real life Sales Growth within this commercial sector has been our area of expertise for almost 18 years.  

The Commercial Agency Service we now provide within the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Market is a honed and laser focused by-product of this huge level of experience.

Although the roles we have fulfilled, services we have provided and high level contacts we have made with this industry form a huge part of our success, it’s the basics that we do every single day that keep us ahead of the competition on behalf of our customers.

“We win sales, Market Share and New Business on our client’s behalf through a variety of different services, but most simply put… We are able to focus our attention on delivery of New Business ‘within’ sector ‘without’ any outside distractions”

A cross section of our Historic customers, contracts and services are listed below:

One of our first Pharmaceutical contracts dating back almost 17 years now

We provided a sales function for a team in Central London, supporting the launch of a NEW diabetes primary and secondary care product whilst simultaneously protecting historic business from competition. Key to the success on this contract was rapid coverage of the local market to ensure planned and forecast sales growth from launch.

Whilst UK based, the role involved many European trips as part of an award winning team delivering sales results and managing third party suppliers/teams of prescribing nurses to ensure strategic throughput of ‘prescribing sales’ where actioned, in line with contracted responsibilities.

Via our ‘Commercial Agency’ model and operating as a long term Commercial Agent for GBF, our task was to generate high level leads and build new business within this print and labelling firm. Specifically, within the ‘Life Science’ and ‘Pharmaceutical’ sector. We eventually built this division to 18% of the parent companies turnover (Multi Millions of Pounds of sales where developed).

Once new accounts had been opened and sales won, our team worked with the clients back office supporting staff to ensure long term success for both parties, whilst keeping cost controls on operations lean for our client to maximise profit extraction.


“Gareth and his team delivered huge results within a sector we knew we wanted to be active in, but didn’t know how! So successful was this, we worked with and benefitted from the support of Gareth and his team for some 6 years” Richard Prior Sales Director GBF  

“We wanted access into one of the UK’s largest Pharmacy companies to sell our services. Year after year Pharmore Global worked on our behalf to leverage their relationships and win the specific niche work we wanted. They also trained our staff on how best to manage the customer on a job by job basis, whilst they integrated into our company seamlessly”

Mark Wallis Head of Business Development.

A particular favourite of ours as we had the opportunity to work with this client whilst managing a number of other contracts at the same time. It enabled us to truly put our own organisation, planning and strategy to the test. A fantastic result for both Pharmore Global and the client as we were asked back at a later date to provide further strategic sales support during the lead up to the sale of the company back in 2010/11.

Pharmore Global was approached to supply Pharma/Life Science leads and high level introductions to this European Tech company.

A fantastic way to leverage our massive contact base within the ‘Pharmaceutical’ market place. We felt we could benefit both our current and historic clients (by way of introducing cutting edge tech into their businesses, designed to improve efficiency and reduce cost) AND Robotik Technologies by opening up a whole new and previously untapped contact base for them.

“Gareth said his team would deliver and they did…I am more than happy to reference his company/services and hope to continue working with them in the future”

Andrew Beesley, Director Robotik Technology

As a client and customer of ours for a 7 year period, Pharmore Global supplied a huge suite of services to Boots UK across 5 departments and worked with over 25 individual employees within Boots UK over that time period.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of jobs we managed for Boots UK was the creative, copy writing support and print/production of the ‘Pharmacy Placement Programme’

This is an industry leading Graduate Training and Development package to support the recruitment, training and 1st full year of work as a pharmacist within Boots UK.


“We moved this work across from the incumbent supplier after meeting with Gareth and his team some 7 years ago. He managed and supported the work in a way that worked well for US as a department. The relationship between Boots and the 3rd party suppliers Pharmore Global called upon was relaxed and efficient, largely due to the quality and high level management by Gareth and the team he recruited to deliver this part of his work within Boots UK.”

Jas Patel, Pharma Care Services Boots UK

Philanthropy and Charity 

We believe in helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Over the years we have supported Comic Relief with heavily subsidised work and products for various projects. In fact, we are proud to have supported, supplied and sponsored Mark Woods (Head of Creative @ Comic Relief) over the past 6 years as a company.

Much of this work has involved production of printed media, management support and the supply of branded items through our Commercial Agency relationship with GBF.


More recently, and following an ‘aid trip’ by our Managing Director’s Father (Allan Dunsmore) to Malawi in Africa, as a company, Pharmore Global signed up to a 10 year commitment with Alice Pulford and her charity in Malawi ‘Love Support Unite’

Specifically, to sponsor a young boy called Martin (who Allan met on his trip) and remove him from the local slum town to the safety of a private school, which he will now attend until he leaves full time, Private Education in some 10 years time.

Without question, this is our proudest achievement as a company to date.

“Your email made me cry, thank you and to your father for help when he visited and for talking about what we do and inspiring you to contact me, you will change the course of Martins life”

Alice Pulford LSU Foundation